Conference center

The meeting and event venues of complex Starosel offer you a choice of 10 conference facilities and meeting rooms, with a capacity of 10 up to 1 000 seats. Additionally, at your disposal are full technical equipment and variety of coffee breaks.


Hall: Layout: Capacity:

Rental fee

half-a-day - 08.00-12.00 or 14.00-18.00

or full day - 08.00-18.00

"Orpheus" Classroom 1000 seats send a request
Orpheus hall - technical equipment      
Big wide screen and multimedia projector     send a request
Small side screen - 2 pcs     send a request
Conference sound system     send a request
Concert sound system     send a request
Wireless microphone - 3 pcs     send a request
Microphone brooch - 2 pcs     send a request
Wire microphone - 6 pcs     send a request
Presentation desk     send a request
Practicable - 30 pcs (2m.x 1 m.)     send a request
Stage lighting     send a request
Followers - 2 pcs     send a request
Laser pointer     send a request
Laptop     send a request
Other conference halls      
"Teres" Theatre 150 seats send a request
"Trakia" Classroom 120 seats send a request
"Helios" Classroom 50 seats send a request
"Selena" Theatre 40 seats send a request
"Horizont" - panoramic hall Theatre 60 seats send a request
"Gnezdoto" U-shape 25 seats send a request
"Evridika" - meeting room Boardroom 16 seats send a request
"Sitalk" - meeting room Boardroom 12 seats send a request
"Kalina Malina" - meeting room Boardroom 12 seats send a request
Other equipment      
Rent of multimedia projector and screen     send a request
TV monitor for halls "Evridika" and "Sitalk"     send a request
Flipchart     send a request
Microphone     send a request
Second microphone for "Teres" hall     send a request


All prices for congress, technical and restaurant services include 20% VAT

All conference rooms have high-speed wireless Internet access. Its use is included in the rental of the premises.

Unscheduled reorganization of the hall on the day of the event is charged an additional amount of 300 BGN for Orpheus Hall and 100 BGN for all other halls.

For a complete and enjoyable conference, we offer the following coffee break options:

1. Coffee / tea, mineral water;

2. Coffee / tea, mineral water, sweet and salt cookies;

3. Coffee / tea, mineral water,  seasonal fruit, sweets and salt cookies;

4. Coffee / tea, mineral water, muffins;

5. Coffee / tea, mineral water, French croissant, salt cookies;

6. Coffee / tea, mineral water, baguettes / emental, salami, iceberg /, fruit.