Orpheus Hall

Orpheus is a multifunctional amphitheater hall equipped with the latest technologies, some of which are for the first time in Bulgaria. The hall is on several levels, with an adjoining balcony and a capacity of up to 1 000 participants.


It meets the highest and most demanding requirements for:

  • Concert music programs - rock, pop, jazz, folk music and more
  • Multimedia presentations in conducting business, trade conferences and more.
  • Variety and theatrical performances and programs
  • Cinema screenings in highest video and audio standard - Dolby Surround, 5.1,7.1, Pro logic and more
  • Gala dinners, wedding events and all kinds of celebrations
  • It can provide direct broadcasting signals for Radio and TV, as well as record any type of hosted programs

For cinema screening and multimedia, the room features the facilities of the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, USA, where they give out the annual Golden Globes.

With this capacity and professional equipment, the importance of Orpheus goes beyond the borders of Bulgaria and takes it on an international level.

Room Features:

  • Area: 1 200 sq.m.
  • Capacity: 80 seats - U-shaped, 460 seats - banquet arrangement, 1 000 seats - theater and cocktail
  • Artificial lighting, stage lighting with digital control
  • Backstage and makeup rooms with private entrance
  • Located in Thracian Residence Starosel.

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