Selena & Evridika Halls

Selena and Evridika halls are a wonderful option for events that require two adjacent separate halls. They could also be used individually.

Both rooms are located in Thracian residence Starosel and have a private outdoor terrace. The Evredika Hall also offers a comfortable seating area and small lounge area.

Selena Hall also offers:

  • multimedia projector and sound system
  • air conditioning with individual control
  • daylight and additional artificial lighting

Features of Selena Hall:

  • Area: 38 sq.m.
  • Capacity: 15 seats - U-shaped, 24 seats - classroom, 40 seats - theater, 20 seats - meeting room

 Evridika Hall is a VIP meeting room with:

  • spacious meeting table for up to 15 participants
  • widescreen TV
  • upon request - additional equipment

Features of Evridika Hall:

  • Area: 35 sq.m.
  • Capacity: 15 seats - meeting room - fixed layout

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