Queen of Wine 2019

We have chosen the Queen of Wine for the thirteenth year in a row!

We have chosen the Queen of Wine for the thirteenth year in a row!

As tradition dictates, on the second Sunday of September we ritually started the grape-gathering in "Starosel" with the "Queen of Wine" feast. The event is one of the most significant events for us.

Many wine lovers and professionals took a part in the Ancient Ceremony in Starosel.

The event has started in the iconic Temple of Wine on September 8. This place has moved us to another millennium  - the one of the Thracians.

The greetings for the first grapes was accompanied by many songs and dances by the local folklore ensemble and by Ethnoritham, Plovdiv.

One of the special guests was Irene Onteva, who welcomed one of the most beautiful Bulgarian girls to "Starosel". The girls have the privilege to press the first grape of the harvest.

The herald of fertility and a good yield - the Queen of Wine 2019, was traditionally chosen by the guardian of the wine- viticulturist tradition, namely Trifon Zarezan. He gave the wreath of fruitfulness to the Queen of Wine. The Queen started in the feast by ritually pressing the grapes with bare feet in authentic stone trough. The wine will run in this way.

One of the many surprises for the day was the movie "The Legend of the Vineyards".

There were many dances, song and nice wine of course.

The region of Starosel is a place where human civilization has flourished millennia back in time.

The Thracians who lived in these places left an incredible history and legacy. Nowadays local people strive to keep it. Feasts like Queen of Wine are proof that old traditions are coming to life again.