SPA rituals and treatments

Our spa rituals - Wine SPA rituals have an effect on cell regeneration and rejuvenation. The composition of wine and its products has a detoxifying, restorative and anti-cellulite effect. The vitality of the skin is maintained through softening and hydration.

Our SPA Rituals are effective and really work for the health and relaxation of the body. The rituals finish with a glass of rosé and prepare you for the next level of relaxation and complete rest. The warm mineral water in the pools, in the jacuzzis and in the wine barrels is an important part of our guests' spa experience.

In our spa offers, in addition to wine treatments, we have also prepared classic massages for the traditionalists.

Massage have manual effect on the surface of the body. It has excellent results for the bone system and the mobility. It relieves muscle spasms, tightness and stiffness, improves blood circulation, supplies oxygen to the tissues. In addition, it reduces swelling of the lymphatic system. Last but not least the massage stimulates the nervous system, reduces stress, releases endorphins.

We have specialists in aroma massage, sports, classic, children's massage and facial therapies.

Do not hesitate to contact our spa centers on phones:

SPA THRACIAN RESIDENCE: +359 89 432 1220

SPA RECEPTION STAROSEL: +359 89 787 0903


 *NOTE: Reservations for massages or therapies can be canceled free of charge no earlier than 2 hours before the start of the procedure. After this point, penalty equal to 20% of the reserved item's value is due.